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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is chenille?

Chenille received its name from the French word for "caterpillar" because of the fuzzy look of the yarn.  The process of making this unique fabric originated in Dalton, Georgia in the 1890's.  Chenille was originally made by hand, using a single needle and yarn.  The yarn was looped through a fabric backing, then snipped on each end, creating a fuzzy design on the outside of the fabric.  An entire bedspread and robe industry grew around this process!  As time moved forward, so too did the way in which chenille was made.  Single needle sewing machines were converted to tufting machines.  Soon, more and more needles were added to these machines, creating the soft, fluffy material we still use to make our robes, jackets, and home decor products today.  We are the only remaining chenille manufacturer in Dalton, Georgia!

2.   Was that your coffee cup chenille robe we saw Brad Pitt wearing in the movie Fight Club?

Yes!  Brad Pitt's character Tyler Durden wore our lilac chenille coffee cup "Coffee Talk" ladies' robe in the movie.   We were asked to make that chenille robe to Mr. Pitt's specifications.  This design (as well as all of our other, original chenille robe and apparel designs) is protected by copyright laws and can not be legally replicated by anyone else!  Authentic "Fight Club" Tyler Durden Brad Pitt chenille bathrobes are made by us in the USA and have our Canyon Group® brand label and tag.

3.   Have your chenille robes been illegally replicated?

Yes, unfortunately there is a chenille manufacturer in Pakistan who has illegally replicated several of our original chenille robe designs, which are then offered for sale on the internet.  Additionally, there is a manufacturer in China making an illegal replica of our lilac Fight Club robe that is not made from chenille and has coffee cup patches sewn onto the robe:

The coffee cups on our authentic, chenille Fight Club robe are tufted onto the lilac chenille and become a soft, fluffy part of the fabric, as shown in the following picture:

Be wary of robes that look identical or similar to ours, but do not have the Canyon Group® brand name, are less expensive, and are made overseas (although they may be illegally relabeled as being made elsewhere and/or imported by retail stores in the United States, who may or may not know they are selling illegal replicas of our chenille products).  Our legal team works diligently to ensure the manufacture of these illegal replicas is ended promptly.  Rose Garden Boutique is the only authorized online retailer of Canyon Group® chenille products.

4.   How do I care for my chenille robe?

Due to the way all chenille is made, it is a rather delicate fabric that requires gentle care.  For this reason, it is important to follow the care instructions printed on the label and described in detail below:

Each of our chenille products is tested and verified by us to be color-fast in cold water, prior to leaving our Dalton, Georgia production facility.  Please machine wash and rinse your chenille robe on the gentle, delicate, or hand-wash cycle in a full tub of cold water. As described above, because chenille is made by looping yarn through the base fabric and snipping each end on the outside of the garment to create the fluffy nap, the looped yarn (also called chenille "tufts") is not locked or secured into place.  If the chenille tufts are pulled on or come in contact with something sticky, prickly, bristly, or adhesive, they can be pulled out from the base fabric, so always care for and wear your chenille garment gently.  Never wash or dry your chenille robe with another garment that has velcro closures.  The velcro may attach itself to the chenille garment and pull out the individual tufts of yarn, leaving bald areas on your chenille robe or jacket.  Please always wash and dry your Canyon Group chenille shower wrap with the velcro closure securely attached to prevent damage to the chenille!  Also, please store your chenille robe in a sealed container during the "off" season (i.e., if your winter robe stored away for the summer) because rodents have been known to pull out chenille tufts for their nests.

Please use a very mild laundry detergent (such as Ivory, Dreft, or other detergent specifically formulated for baby clothing), because harsher detergents can contain strong chemicals that decrease the pH of the wash water, making it more acidic, which may damage the chenille and/or yarn colors.  Washing your chenille robe by itself is recommended to reduce any damage that may be caused by other garments in the same wash cycle.  You may choose to add fabric softener to the wash cycle for added fluff.  Please do not let your chenille robe lay wet in the washer after it has been washed as color transference can occur when brightly-colored wet yarn is in contact with other wet parts of your robe for a period of time.  We recommend that you remove your chenille robe from the washing machine as soon as the wash/rinse/spin cycle has ended and then tumble dry it immediately on the lowest heat setting for only the amount of time necessary to dry your robe.  For additional softness, you may spritz your dry chenille robe with 1/4 strength fabric softener (mixed with water), then dry on the lowest heat setting until dry (about 10 minutes).  If you wish to maintain the brand-new appearance over the life of your Canyon Group chenille robe, you may opt to have your chenille robe dry cleaned instead of machine washed and dried.

5.   There seems to be a great deal of lint in the dryer screen after I wash my chenille robe, should I be concerned?

Not at all!  Shedding of lint is normal for our chenille due to the polyester fiber content.  By the time you purchase one of our chenille products from a store, it has been machine washed and/or rinsed in cold water and fluffed in the dryer at least once by us, prior to leaving our Dalton, Georgia production facility.  The very nature of our chenille is to shed a little with each wash.  The shedding will diminish with each subsequent washing, and your chenille robe will get softer with each wash.  If anyone in your household is sensitive to lint fibers, you may wish to dry clean your chenille robe.

6.   Why are there some dark markings on my chenille robe?

You are seeing remnants of the water-soluble, marking powder we use to mark the locations of the tufted designs on each of our chenille products.  These markings are usually most evident on products made from our lighter-colored chenille, but may occasionally be visible on darker-colored chenille and/or smear to other areas of the product during the tufting process.  These markings are not stains, insoluble grease, dirt, or damage and will wash out completely when your chenille robe is laundered.

7.   After many years, I finally replaced my bedroom blue Moon & Stars chenille robe with a new one!  The bedroom blue color on my new chenille robe is different from that of my original chenille robe.  Why is there a color difference?

As with any dyed product, there are often color variations from one dye lot to the next.  There can also be color variations within the same chenille robe based on how the natural and synthetic fibers accept the dye, the direction of the nap, and the number of dye-bath colors required to achieve the final chenille color.

8.   Winter or summer, is there a better season to wear or purchase your chenille robes?

We offer different chenille weights and styles for each season.  We recommend our short, kimono robes made from our "demi" (lightweight) chenille for warmer weather.  In the winter, we suggest our longer wrap and zip-front robes made from our heavier, "plush" chenille.  Winter or summer, there is nothing like crawling into your favorite chair, wrapped in a luxurious Canyon Group® chenille robe!

9.   What sizes are offered in your Canyon Group® robes?

Most Canyon Group® chenille robes are offered in sizes XS through 3X.  Additionally, our traditional wrap robes are offered in sizes up to 5X.  Our shorter, kimono robes and shower wraps are offered in three sizes, XS/S, M/L, and XL/XXL.

10.   I love your chenille robes, but they are so expensive compared to some other robes on the market.   Can you please explain why?

Each design is marked by hand and tufted using a specialized, hand-guided machine by our talented design team based entirely in the USA.  Unlike other robe manufacturers, whose designs are sewn-on or appliqued patches, our chenille designs actually become a soft and fluffy part of the fabric.

11.   Are the chenille robes that we see all over the TV made by you?

Yes!  We are very fortunate to have a very good relationship with Hollywood and many of the shows' costume designers.  In quite a few cases, costume designers will purchase our robes without our knowledge.  We really enjoy hearing from friends and customers who see our robes on TV and in the movies!